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of those wing nuts would say. mara little says should we follow the advice of mr. romney and mr. paul and do away with big government and defund and do away with fema? better yet can we just dump them in the middle of new york city and advise them to let the state alone, take care of things. if sandy doesn't illustrate their poor thinking, nothing will. exactly. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> bill: good morning everybody. great to see you this morning on this tuesday october 30. sandy has struck and moved on and we survived. meanwhile, on the campaign trail, it is the biggest whopper of the campaign so far. after telling the auto industry to go belly up and opposing any federal relief, mitt romney is now claiming that he -- not president obama saved g.m. and chrysler. can you believe it? mitt romney ought to burn in hell for that lie. he keeps telling it. we'll tell you why that's wrong and a whole lot more here plus bring you all of the latest on the impact of hurricane sandy. right here on the "full court
in the democratic column. >> all right. >> bill: jamal? >> as -- mr. mayor, you mentioned some ads. but most people believe those ads are targeted at wisconsin, right? >> yeah st. paul and duluth is right on the border. and, you know, i think what the romney campaign has tried to do is fake the fact that they have grassroots support. it's kind of like faking like you are for the middle class, which we have seen them do so they have tried to make it look like they have support all over the place, but the reality is -- i have to tell you one very quick story. i was in sue city, iowa there was a little old lady making calls, and she had been there for six months. i was there six weeks period and she was still -- well she had moved across the room. so that's the kind of commitment we're talking about. >> bill: the romney campaign they are trying to paint him as a moderate who will work with democrats, sort of a middle of the road guy, whereas the reality is on most of the issues, he is about as extreme as you can get without being a tea partier, and maybe he is a tea partier.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2